1. The Healing Power of Music: Unleashing Joy Through the Chemistry of Singing Kim Hegwood 21:28

The Power of Singing to Organize and Calm: “What it’s actually doing is
helping somebody be organized cognitively. It’s helping someone be organized
neurologically. And it’s this organization that creates the calm, that creates
a reduction of negative behaviors.”— Andy Tubman


On this episode of Life Happens with Kim Hegwood, we explore the therapeutic
benefits of singing and music-making. Our guest speaker, Andy Tubman delves
into the neuroscience behind music therapy, including the power of familiar
songs to improve cognitive function, neurological integration, and mood
elevation for patients with dementia, stroke, and respiratory difficulties.
Join us as we discover the innovative website SingFit, which offers advanced
technologies that create personalized playlists and guide caregivers and rehab
therapists to facilitate singing as a coping strategy with intention.

Timeline of Topics


00:02:07 Friend’s accident inspires music therapy career.

00:05:49 Music activates brain centers and has imprints.

00:08:54 Active music-making enhances brain activity.

00:12:21 “Singing helps organize cognitively, reduces anxiety.”

00:15:09 Singing for dementia patients as a coping strategy.

00:19:44 Therapeutic music for various medical conditions.

Find Out More About SingFit

Website:  https://www.singfit.com/


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearesingfit/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreSingFit 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreSingFit  

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@iSingFit


Andy Tubman’s Bio:

Andy Tubman is a highly respected
board-certified music therapist, public speaker, and expert on music and the
brain with over 20 years of experience developing innovative techniques that
help clients achieve their therapeutic goals. Andy co-founded Musical Health
Technologies (aka SingFit) in order to bring music as medicine to a greater
number of people. As Chief Clinical Officer for SingFit, Andy leads the team
creating SingFit products that, at its core, focus on technology-enabled
therapeutic singing programming for the 65 plus.


A graduate of the Temple University
Music Therapy department, Andy’s experience includes working with children,
adults, and seniors in a variety of settings, including in-patient care. In 2005
Andy founded Integrative Music Therapy Services (IMTS), which provides music
therapists for health care facilities, drug, and alcohol recovery centers, state-funded
regional centers and individual clients throughout Southern California. Andy’s
work has been recognized by the state of California as providing essential care
for the severely disabled. He has a broad background in music therapy, with
expertise in scaling practices in therapeutic music. Andy travels and consults
with medical systems internationally on implementing music as medicine and is a
frequent speaker on the intersection of music and health at conferences that
include the American Telemedicine Association, LeadingAge, Senior Living 100
and the International Council on Aging. Andy has been featured in Forbes, Fast
Company, the Los Angeles Business Journal, USA Today, and Billboard Magazine.



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