1. Siblings Caring for a Parent with Dementia Kim Hegwood 25:29

“She asked him to come so she can have a vacation. That’s the best way for that sibling to find out really how mom can live safely in her own home. When she puts the coffee pot in the refrigerator, when she opens the door to strangers, when she wants to write a check to the person that calls on the telephone, he’s going to know, yeah, this isn’t safe for mom.” Linda Johnson

Today Kim Hegwood has a great conversation with Linda Johnson. Linda is a Licensed Family Therapist and a Certified Geriatric Care Manager. Listen to Linda’s advice on how to work together with your siblings.

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Website: www.LindaFodriniJohnson.com

Email: lindaFJ620@outlook.com

Phone: 925-899-6563


Linda is a Licensed Family Therapist and a Certified Geriatric Care Manager. She has been in practice since 1984 and ran her own large business, Eldercare Services, for 30 years. She now does consulting with families, counseling, zoom classes, and support groups. She is a past president of the Aging Life Care Association and the recipient of many awards. She recently published a book, “The Empowered Caregiver: Practical Tips & Emotional Support for Adult Children of Aging Parents.”


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