1. Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe and Sound in the Hospital: The Care Partner Project Kim Hegwood 19:13

You can ask for consults. If you think there’s an infection going on, you can ask for an infectious disease consult. You can ask for physical therapy if you think that would help your loved one, get Moving again in mobility. If they’re having trouble swallowing or anything like that, there’s speech therapy, you know, occupational therapy. Certain things, if they’re going home, that they might need to do around the house. There are all these different services they have to offer. And just talking to the team. Talking to the doctors, talking to the nurses, and saying, how can we get my loved one back on their feet again? And what can we do? I want to work with you. Tell me what I can do and tell me what services you have. ~ Bonnie Sheeren- Owner Houston Health Advocacy

Kim Hegwood and Bonnie Sheeren discuss how to keep your loved ones safe in the hospital.

Title: Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe and Sound in the Hospital: The Care Partner Project

A few questions Kim will be asking include:

1: What is the most important help we can give our loved ones in the hospital?

2: Which infections should we be watching for?

3: What other problems should we be watching for?

4: What should we ask for?

5: What else should we do?

6. How can a Health Advocate help families?

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Bonnie Sheeren previously worked in medical video production at MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Texas Medical School in Houston where she specialized in patient education, video presentations for doctors and researchers, and broadcasting medical information for the general public. Using her expertise in this area, she guided many family members and friends over the years through the complexities of the Texas Medical Center to help them receive the care they needed.

Realizing she could help others–she began her own company Houston Health Advocacy in 2014 and continues to expand her knowledge base to help even her clients even more.


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Kim Hegwood, born in Bay City, is an Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney based in Houston, Texas. Kim has been a practicing Attorney since she graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1996. After watching her grandparents struggle to maintain their independence as they grew older, trying to navigate the challenges of aging, and deal with the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that our loved ones face in their golden years, Kim dedicated her career to helping families preserve their dignity and protect their assets.