1. Houses, Healthcare, Heirs & Planning for The Future Kim Hegwood 21:22

But sometimes I will have a spouse that will pass and the other one says, Well, I’m not going to bother probating because I’m going to stay in the house. And then they pass. So, then we have to track down will and airship affidavits and you know, death certificates and everything else. So, if they don’t have a will, I usually end up having to do exactly what I said. I usually must involve an attorney and we have to find out if there were wills and track down the heirs. Find out, you know, how many there are and where they are. And everybody assumes they know all the heirs, but you never know. Diana Saufley-Realtor

Kim and Diana discus the following questions:

1) How can I find out how much my home would sell for to plan for my future?

2) What if my family member has no Will?

3) If my spouse passes away but I plan to remain in our home, what do I need to do, if anything?

4) What choices do I have if I don’t want to own a home anymore?

5) Who and what do I need to inform for my health, asset, and finance plans?

6) What exactly do Realtors do and do I need one?

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*Native Houstonian

*Texas Registered Nurse since 1985

*As an RN, worked in hospitals, doctor’s offices, summer camp nurse, substitute school nurse, Hospital Case

Manager, and medical sales Territory Manager in wound care modalities and ostomy products.

*Summa Cum Laude BSN Graduate from Texas Tech Health Science Center and member of Sigma Theta Tau,

Honor Society of Nursing

*Owned an Interior Design business for 10 years

*Community Relations Director – helped in opening an Assisted Living facility in Katy, TX

*Texas REALTOR® and Real Estate Consultant since 2014 and a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) with a specialty in working with seniors.

*Father was Harris County Commissioner in Pct. 2 for almost 30 years and started the Harris County Senior Citizens Program, which is now part of all the Harris County Commissioner’s programs.  He passed away from Parkinson’s Dementia in 2008 and between his Senior Citizens program and helping him through his illness, I became an advocate and enjoy working with seniors.


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Kim Hegwood Attorney at Law, Podcaster

Kim Hegwood, born in Bay City, is an Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney based in Houston, Texas. Kim has been a practicing Attorney since she graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1996. After watching her grandparents struggle to maintain their independence as they grew older, trying to navigate the challenges of aging, and deal with the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that our loved ones face in their golden years, Kim dedicated her career to helping families preserve their dignity and protect their assets.