1. Differences between home care, home health, and provider services Kim Hegwood 16:26

Getting the right kind of care and understanding the differences can be confusing for many families. Kim talks to Kimberly Pittard today about different types of care.

Learn about the differences between home care, home health, and provider services

1. What services does home health care provide?

2. Does Medicare pay for home health care?

3. Do I have to have a prescription for home health care?

4. How long will the prescription cover? And how often will services be provided?

5. Can I select the HHC agency I want?

6. What criteria should I look at when choosing a HHC agency?

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Kimberly Pittard has been in healthcare and marketing and community outreach for over 10 years. Kimberly is not just a liaison, but more of a patient advocate, meaning that if she cannot help them, she wants to get them connected to great service providers to meet them and their family’s needs. Kimberly has a BS in Psychology and was four classes away from a second-degree BSRN. She enjoys seeing people stay in the place they call home and aging in place. Kimberly has two children, both with special needs, ages 5 and 13. She has worked with the same home health from the first four patients for almost six-plus years, and she is also a consultant who does team building talks and motivational techniques in healthcare. Kimberly enjoys the beach and road trips to small country towns. She feels a lot has changed in healthcare in 10 years, some for good and some not so much for good. At the end of the day, she does what she does because she thinks of all the families that she interacts with as being her family and she would want nothing shy of great care and help. What sets her apart is that even if her office is closed, she still takes calls, as healthcare doesn’t stop.


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