1. How to change the WORLD through a positive outlook: Joseph Gonzalez Dr. Constance Leyland 24:25

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gonzalez on LinkedIn through his high energy daily videos. After talking with him, we created this podcast full of information for both leaders and individuals on how you can level up your self worth. He talks about how to value yourself not by changing your surroundings, but changing your role in people. He talks about his Coaching tools on how to overcome mental barriers that he uses on his mentorship. We talked about how the great resignation where the best people are going to the best companies. He talks about his purpose in life and how you too can create and know your purpose in life by giving back. Do you want to know more? Do you want to level up? Listen to this episode.

Constance Leyland Host of Level Up Podcast

I am a serial educator, opportunities designer, and a compassionate leader. I am a professor in business for a decade. I own my own business creating programs for professional development bridging the gap between theories you learn in college and the real world skills needed to be employed. I also run my podcast which can be heard in 42 nations and counties as of today. I am #121 listened to in Apple podcast out of 2.4 million. I am in 13 distribution channels as of today.