1. A lawyer, an international student, and a daughter's journey in America for a better Future: Adeola Abatan Dr. Constance Leyland 20:13

This episode of level up is about one of my international student who is originally from Nigeria. She has a law degree already, but traveled thousands of miles away to come to America to find a better future for her. Listen to her inspiring and heartfelt story that many of our international students go through to be here and find a better future. Her father passed away, but she can’t go home and pay respects to him because of COVID, yet she found strengths in her studies knowing that her father would be so proud of her efforts, ideas, and willingness to continuously improve her chances of a better future. She shares her ideal class set up and what keeps her motivated and engage in the classroom and what professors could do to keep her and other students engage in the classroom.

Constance Leyland Host of Level Up Podcast

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