1. Who will care for your pet(s) when you can't? with Robert Greene - S3 EPS 24 Kim Lengling 44:05

We love our pets, but have you thought of what will happen to them if you are no longer around to care for them?

It’s a tough thing to think about, but something you need to consider.

Robert is the co-founder of LifePet.Care. He was the former Director of Marketing and Communications for Save The Children (CANADA). Having been a human rights activist for a number of years, Greene has now crossed over to help protect animal rights. He thinks fondly of his grandmother’s cat “Happy Cat”
who, when Robert was a child, would toss items off counters to get him to laugh.

Robert’s Nugget of Hope to the listeners: “Your pet is a gift from God, enjoy them.”

Lifepet.care has a pilot running in Colorado: The pilot project has made national news with the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM360):

Call – 1 (866) 573-1777

LifePet.Care is a pet care administration company that oversees the care of animals at the request of owners as stipulated in their estate plan or will.

LifePet.Care offers assessment services for both family pet (s) and animal caregivers to ensure the right fit for your pet when you are no longer there for them.

Mission: Deliver the highest quality administrative care to sustain the health of physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs as prescribed for every family pet under our program. We will ensure that the pet caregivers provide access to amenities, activities, and foster relationships that encourage fulfilling and rewarding life experiences for your furry or feathered loved one when you cannot.

Lifepet.care’s Vision: To play an important and active role in the delivery of excellent administrative services within North America for family pet care of deceased owners. We will provide this quality care by adhering to LifePet.Care’s Commitment to all our furry and feathered loved ones. Our success will be achieved through service, respect, and creativity.



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