1. S3 EPS 20 Sharing his debut novel Surrender and how technology can impact our lives with author and producer, Lee Schneider Kim Lengling 33:23

Lee’s Nugget of Hope: “Get out in nature. Get away from the screens once in a while. We need to appreciate this planet we live on.”

Lee shares his writing journey, 30-year media career, and we both wish his cat Max-Fred a very happy 12th birthday!!


Lee Schneider is the author of screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, short stories, and audio drama podcasts. His thirty-year career in media includes podcast
production, documentaries, and series with History Channel, Discovery, Court TV, Food Network, Travel Channel, TLC, Dateline NBC, and Good Morning America. The founder of Red Cup Agency, a podcast production agency. https://www.redcupagency.com/about

Lee is also the author of five non-fiction books. Surrender is his first published novel. Surrender takes place in a future where a global machine intelligence manages our climate disaster. While a tech company works to harvest every citizen’s thoughts, a secret band of resisters struggles to keep human thought safe and free.

Lee lives in Santa Monica, CA with his family.

Lee Schneider and Ever Gonzalez are the founders of FutureX.Studio. https://futurex.studio⁠

Futurex.Studio is a media platform for generating dialogue and building a community around science fiction projects that imagine a positive view of the future. Every project we support asks, “What would the future of a just world look like?”

Science fiction storytelling is often dystopian. This dystopian view is valuable because it helps us see how not to proceed into the future and shows how we have failed. But storytelling focused on imagining social change must also ask what a just future would look like. FutureX.Studio exists to ask how technology can be our ally, and how future visions may be shaped to help us envision gender and racial equality and social and environmental justice.

Books: https://futurex.studio/books

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Surrender-Lee-Schneider/dp/B0BVPMSPBZ/

Mastodon: https://scicomm.xyz/@docuguy

Instagram: https://instagram.com/docuguy

Medium: https://docuguy.medium.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/docuguy

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Kim Lengling Author, Podcast Host

Sharing faith, nature, and love of animals, and as a veteran living with PTSD, Kim is passionate about spreading and sharing nuggets of Hope through all of her endeavors.

Kim uses her experience of 25+ years in the corporate world as a part of the foundation for building her dream; of writing, podcasting, hosting a radio show and sharing her story and others. Building platforms that help others to share their story and to spread Hope. The About Face Radio show, Let Fear Bounce, Tossing Nuggets of Hope, is the newest to her platforms.

She hosts the podcast Let Fear Bounce and a radio show with the same name. In addition, she hosts the TV Show, The Write Stuff, The Author's Voice with the Believe In Your Dreams TV Network. She is also a co-host of a weekly radio show, Voices4Vets, in her local area.

You can regularly find Kim walking with her rescue dog, Dexter, reading, drinking coffee, and jotting down story ideas about her Realm. In addition to writing and being the Queen of her Realm, she is a 25+ year advocate for veterans providing support through monthly care packages for over 22 years.