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502: Own Your ROAR: Unlock Your Destiny with Korrie Silver
#findingyourvoice #destiny #positiveaffirmations

What is the ROAR of your heart? How do you bring it to light? In this transformative episode, host Nicole Jansen sits down with her longtime friend Korrie Silver, a marketplace minister, transformational coach, best-selling author and business strategist, to explore the profound impact of rediscovering one’s identity and destiny. Drawing powerful analogies from the animal kingdom, particularly the collaborative role of lionesses in a pride, Korrie emphasizes the importance of working together in healthy community.

Korrie shares her personal journey of overcoming moments of shame and rediscovering her voice through faith. Throughout the episode, Nicole and Korrie discuss reclaiming one’s original design, the significance of supportive relationships, and navigating external influences, particularly through the lens of social media. They delve deep into practical steps and spiritual insights that can help listeners authentically express their unique identities and lead impactful lives.

Join us in this transformative conversation to gain valuable insights on aligning identity and destiny, taking actionable steps to unleash your God-given roar.

0:00 – Discovering Purpose and Destiny
3:03 – Lessons from the Role of the Lioness
5:20 – Turning Shame into Identity Through Faith
8:15 – Understanding Condemnation vs. Conviction
10:45 – The Power of Daily Affirmations
13:38 – The Influence of Social Media on Identity
15:52 – Open Communication with God
18:30 – Finding and Expressing Your Unique Sound and Identity
21:05 – Supporting Young People in Holding onto Purpose
23:19 – Building Intentional and Supportive Relationships
25:42 – Own Your Day, Own Your Roar Devotional
29:35 – Steps to Discover Your Identity and Destiny
32:14 – Call to Action for Listeners
34:10 – Closing Thoughts and Prayer for Listeners

Favorite Quotes

Affirmation of Identity: "I am worthy, I am loved, and I am enough."

Role of Community: "Banding together in community, like lionesses, strengthens us all."

Faith and Rediscovery: "Faith can help you rediscover your true voice and identity."

Episode Show Notes:

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As a transformational leadership coach, strategic business advisor, and podcast host, my passion is developing aspiring leaders and helping good leaders become great. This world needs more great leaders, who live and lead themselves well, and who uplift and empower others to do the same. Leaders who make this world a better place for everyone.

It begins with you and me - living on purpose, expanding our vision and beliefs, and inspiring positive change in our circles of influence. If you enjoy intelligent conversations, I invite you to check out my Leaders of Transformation Podcast where I interview extraordinary difference makers and world changers every week. Currently we have over 475 episodes and are honored to be in the top 1.5% podcast globally reaching listeners in over 140 countries. Hope to see you there!

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