1. Why Surrender is the Key to Manifesting Your Dreams Deanna Marie Radulescu 24:56

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Time for another release. Please welcome  @KuteBlackson , a transformational leader and author of the book “The Magic of Surrender”, encourages us to remember that death is certain and to use this knowledge to live life to the fullest. 
When we think about our own mortality, it can be a scary and uncomfortable thought. However, when we use this knowledge to live life more fully, it can be a powerful motivator. We can use the knowledge that we are going to die one day to make sure we are living our lives the way we want to. We can make sure that we are living our lives with intention, purpose and without regrets. 
Kute suggests that we meditate on our death, to make it our friend and to use it as inspiration to live life as fully as possible. He encourages us to ask ourselves, “If death came today, would I be ready?” and “What’s unsaid, unlived, ungiven, uncommunicated and unloved?”. By asking ourselves these questions, we can start to become aware of the things we are not doing in our lives and start to make changes. 
When we surrender to life and use our knowledge of our mortality to live life fully, we can start to experience more abundance and joy in our lives. We can start to appreciate the little miracles that happen every day and to trust that life is good. We can start to live our lives with intention, purpose and without regrets. To learn more, head to the link below:


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