1. Unexpected Moments by Daisy Paige Deanna Marie Radulescu 25:15

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I was having technical difficulties yesterday that prevented me from releasing an episode. My next guests story is a tear jerker. You're not going to believe her journey and her incredible strength she portrays after everything she has gone through. Please welcome PREMIER guest Daisy Paige! “
I am the author of Unexpected Moments with a foreword by Kirk Cameron. I share my life’s story of sexual, physical and emotional abuse from a young child until my adult years. I'm hoping to inspire others to know that they are not alone in their struggles or life’s circumstances and that God doesn't put you through more than you can handle. There were times I didn't want to or almost didn’t make it through but by the Grace of God I made it. Being the mother of three adult children that I couldn't be more proud of after all the things they've been through and witnessed. I believe I went through the things in my life to make me strong enough to face what is ahead of me. Recently diagnosed with a rare terminal neurological condition known as MSA or multiple system atrophy and only 4 out of every 100,000 people in the USA are diagnosed with it. 10% of all proceeds from the book go to charity researching a cure for it. My other goal is to create awareness of MSA.
I have a store for tshirts. Unexpected Moments and MSA. All proceeds from the shirt sales go to charity defeatmsa.org/donate-to-us/. Is the charity. It also advertises my book which gives 10% of proceeds to the charity.
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