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Happy Monday Friends!
Let's kick off the week with a great guest with a great message. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Giorgia G! “I'm a success coach for multi-passionate women, serial entrepreneur, and host of The Treasures Within podcast.
I know what it feels like to not have a clue what to do with your life and still forcing yourself to pick one thing because you're told it's the only way to succeed in business.
I spent more than a decade turning every passion I had (separately) into a niche business. Some of them failed. Others were very successful. All of them bored me within two years.
It was only after I became a skincare coach that I realised something had to change…
To the outside world, I was living the dream. I was living in my dream city, earning consistent 10K months, working from my laptop in beautiful hotels and cafes, taking time off during the day to meet up with friends, and doing work I was passionate about.
Inside I was miserable. No matter how much money I was making or how many clients I had, my business felt like a prison I couldn't wait to escape from. Deep down, I knew that I wasn't meant to do just one thing.
It was only when I stopped fighting my multi-passionate nature and gave myself permission to do business in a way that works for me that everything changed and I finally found both the money, freedom AND fulfilment I craved…” For more info, head to the link below:


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