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Happy Monday Friends!
New week, new goals, new opportunities! My next guest has incredible energy. Great story and just ready to empower women on a much bigger stage! Please welcome PREMIERE guest Kim Hayden! From Kansas to Canada, Kim has always worked to be a good neighbor and leader. In every endeavor through Servant Leadership. Kim has repeatedly excelled in several industries, A 22 year award winning Real Estate veteran , TV Producer, Red Carpet Host. Now bringing a lifetime of experiences and work together in the form of Resilient Series, Kim is on a quest to bring the message of Resiliency and Leadership in unprecedented times. Self proclaimed Queen of Resilience, Kim admits to being an avid watcher, alongside her grandparents, of Johnny Carson and aspires to be the host of incredible talent through, multi – author book series, conferences bot live and virtual.
Our Mission
“To Inspire Resilience in Women by sharing stories & experiences through the Resilient Series Community.”
Our Vision
“To share 1000 stories of Resilience in Life, Love and Business to 10 million women worldwide.
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