1. The One Page Plan | Believe It's Possible Deanna Marie Radulescu 24:14

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Last episode until Wednesday next week. Going to be enjoying the holiday weekend with family & friends. I love what my next guest offers. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Moe Choice!
“I challenge and empower individuals to take responsibility and be the best they can be, so that we can disrupt the status quo and find better ways of living, working, and being together.
The individual is sovereign.
The greatest collective is one with empowered individuals, aligned to a common cause.
And our greatest wisdom is in the collective.
I am inspired by the idea of collective wisdom, through individual responsibility.
I am a 12x Cofounder who has been on the startup scene for over two decades.
My work is primarily focused on supporting entrepreneurs & co-founders to find success, with the support of their teams, by building a business they are proud of.
The key to building a business you are proud of is to ensure that everyone involved is aligned, on the same page, and Moving in one, clear direction.
With alignment at every level, anything is possible.
 And this starts with you.
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