1. The Adventures of Max & Friends Book Series by Dr. Nghi Dang Deanna Marie Radulescu 19:38

It's Motivational Monday! 
Better late than never. I am excited about this next guest! He is an example of the sky is the limit! He writes an incredible children's book series to educate and help with the dialogue around mental health between parents & children. Please welcome PREMIERE “VIP” guest Dr. Nghi Dang!
“I was born in Vietnam but grew up in Southern California. Our family moved to the states when I was 7 years old. As an immigrant, I shared the same struggles as many other immigrants with adjusting to a new norm and dealing with bullying, discrimination, and constantly having to self-validate while fighting off depression.  Having been in practice for over 10 years as a Family Physician, I have realized that my struggles are shared by many of my patients. As the pandemic progressed, I have seen more and more visits related to mental health in the clinic for both adults and children. I was motivated to do something to help educate children and help start a dialogue between parents and children about mental health. I figured the best way to help educate is through storytelling. I have written a series of short stories that will help highlight mental health issues.” To learn more or to purchase the book, head to the link below: 


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