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I hope you all had a great weekend. I am back in  the cold Chicago weather. I dropped the ball on my release schedule. I was caught up with the in-laws. My next guest is another total boss babe! She created her own program to empower women. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Mia Smithson! 

“My name is Maria Smithson & I’m the Founder & CEO of The $30K Program.
Women earn 17.7% less than men, that’s why The $30K Program helps people who identify as women earn an additional $30K within 12 months.
I created The $30K Program because as a woman I didn't feel like I had the tools to negotiate for my business worth. The program shows how to create value while working SMARTER
 not HARDER. You don’t get paid for the hours you put in, you get paid for the value you create. The program shows how to do just that.
For 5+ years, I’ve worked as a top staffing recruiter and have interviewed 4,000+ and placed 100's of candidates. While at Experis (an international staffing firm) I was consistently
 ranked in the top 15% of the 400+ talent recruiters & placed candidates at companies like VML, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Google. Additionally, I'm a graduate of Founders Institute & live in Chicago.”
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