1. Surviving a Life-Threatening Injury: Cyrus Rustom's Incredible Comeback Deanna Marie Radulescu 22:23

In this episode of Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Cyrus Rustom, a personal trainer, former Royal Marine Commander, and founder of Dubai's top fitness studio, Boxica. Tune in as they discuss Cyrus's journey, the power of mindset, and the impact of technology on businesses. Discover how Cyrus overcame challenges and built a successful online community. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation! To learn more about Cyrus or to connect with him, head to the links ⬇️:


00:05:27 Perspective changes everything.
00:09:11 Building a welcoming fitness community.
00:10:50 Creating a comfortable gym environment.
00:16:31 Maintaining daily routines for mental well-being.
00:21:38 Resilience leads to unstoppable success.

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