1. Shark Tank Romania Contender & Founder & CEO of HeroX.com.au Deanna Marie Radulescu 18:15

You know what day it is!! 🎉 🎊 
It's time for another episode, another dynamic guest and another incredible story. It just so happens my next guest is Romainan like my fiancé. Its a small world! He is a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Dan Lazar!

Dan Lazar is a serial entrepreneur living in Melbourne, Australia. He is known for successfully raising his first round of investment in “Shark Tank Romania”, being named “30 Under 30” by Forbes & being a servant for social causes such as the education of children and providing shelter for the less fortunate inspired by his Baha'i faith. 
He played professional tennis until he was 18 and one of his best results was becoming the vice-champion of Romania U18.
He sold his first business in 2019 and made his first million in sales through building sports facilities. He is currently the Founder and Ceo of HeroX.com.au, leveraging the power of predictive analytics to build a billion dollar property development company by 2030 & help 1 million people with education & shelter. To learn more, head to the links below:


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