1. Release 20 Pounds of Pain: Practical Tools to Quit Addictions and Create the Body to Fit Your Dreams by Lira Kay Deanna Marie Radulescu 25:12

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I hope everyone has had a productive week. It has been a great week for me. I have been extremely productive but now I've caught a little bug and feeling a bit under the weather. I love my next guest and her energy. We had a deep and impactful conversation. She is quite an incredible person; very accomplished and has helped many many people. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Lira Kay! 
Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author, Speaker, and a founder of the 111 Healers Conference and the School of Inspired Life – a training center helping outstanding experts become world-class and in high demand.
Lira Kay is the world's leading expert in innovative therapeutic methodologies. She is a founder of 111 Healers Conference and a School Of Inspired life.
At 17 she started counseling famous spiritual gurus, artists and therapists on a daily basis. Three decades later she had worked with thousands of people and had mentored and influenced most talented healers, coaches and doctors around the world. 
Her work is focused on creating seamless but highly effective processes and systems for high performance, therapy and healing. Lira's been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal breakthroughs of many celebrated transformational leaders, elite coaches and creative entrepreneurs. 
After traveling the world with her husband and 5 daughters Lira lives and works in Hawaii. 
Learn more about her work:

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