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Happy Monday Friends!
It's raining 🌧  in FL again. It's supposed to rain until we leave. No beach time for us. So I'm sticking to our release schedule. I could have talked to my nest guest for hours. His story is amazing; I was very excited to release this one. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Kevin Nahai!
Kevin is an expert in a variety of areas including relationships, self-esteem, anxiety, eating disorders, the subconscious mind, and more. After 7+ years of deep therapy, Coaching, and meditation, Kevin was able to transform his life and become a Speaker and Coach. Kevin now harnesses his previous experiences by helping others grow into their happiest and most fulfilled selves. Through clear, practical guidance and actionable daily steps, Kevin teaches his clients how to feel authentic love for themselves, feel calm and at ease, communicate masterfully, and create blissful relationships. To learn more or to connect with Kevin head to the links below:


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