1. Rai Hyde Cornell's Unexpected Path to Entrepreneurship Deanna Marie Radulescu 24:08

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Time for a new episode. In this episode we welcome serial entrepreneur and agency owner, Rai Hyde Cornell, to share her story of how she found success being an entrepreneur. Rai discusses how she became a freelance writer out of necessity due to a traumatic incident in college that led to PTSD, and how this eventually paved the way for her to achieve her dreams of becoming a counselor in the prison system and a obtaining master's degrees. She also talks about how she turned to Google to learn how to make money as a writer and shares her insights on entrepreneurship. Tune in to this inspiring conversation on living your best life label free.

[00:01:00] Overcoming PTSD and Entrepreneurship.
[00:03:33] Burnout in healthcare.
[00:07:57] Fixing Manipulation in Marketing.
[00:13:15] Manifestation and goal-setting.
[00:13:39] Manifestation.
[00:17:48] The impact of AI on content creation.
[00:22:53] Setting your own standards.

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