1. Fighting Gender Discrimination in the 70s Deanna Marie Radulescu 20:51

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Todays release is a little late, but better late than never. Todays guest was paving the way many years ago. Please welcome Linda Strader! Women have long faced discrimination in the workplace, and this is still true today. From being told that they should stay in the kitchen, to being denied job opportunities, to facing sexual harassment and assault, women have had to fight hard for their rights in the workplace.
One example of this discrimination is the story of Linda Strader, the first woman to be hired as a US Forest Service Fire Crew. Linda was 20 when she applied for the job, and was met with resistance from her male coworkers. She was told that women belonged in the kitchen, and was told to quit and find something else to do with her life. Despite this, Linda persisted and worked for the Forest Service for seven years. During that time, she had to prove herself to her male coworkers, often working harder than them to show that she was just as capable.
Unfortunately, Linda also faced discrimination from her supervisors. She was told that she would not be hired because she was a woman. This is illegal, of course, but Linda was unable to prove it since it was just her and her supervisor in the room. Unfortunately, Linda's experience is not unique. Many women still face discrimination in the workplace today, from being passed over for promotions to facing sexual harassment.
The good news is that there are laws in place to protect women from discrimination in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act, for example, ensures that employers cannot discriminate against women in hiring, firing, or promotion decisions. Additionally, there are laws in place to protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace.
Despite these laws, however, women still face discrimination in the workplace. This is why we must continue to fight for women's rights in the workplace and ensure that they are treated with the respect they deserve. We must also continue to raise awareness of the discrimination that women face in the workplace and take steps to eliminate it. Only then can we create a workplace that is truly equal for all.

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