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I sat down with Chicago's Catfight Little Lisa. We talked about many different things that ultimately make her “Label Free”! Below is her bio:

Blazing new trails seems to be a way of life for Chicago native, Little Lisa. The youngest of 6 kids, her childhood was full of hand-me-downs, adventure, sports and music. She continues to ride that same wave.

While working full time at her family’s print shop, Lisa managed to become an accomplished mountain bike racer and play bass guitar in several bands.

Grabbing a silver medal at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Australia catapulted Lisa to the Trek factory racing team. She won several national cross country championships and ranked in the top 25 as professional downhiller while racing for Trek. At the height of her fitness and racing career, Lisa came down with an overuse injury that forced her stop competing. She spent the better part of a year, going from doctor to doctor to find answers for her symptoms. No luck, until she came across a fellow mountain biker who had the same issue!

Everything seemed to shift at this point. Lisa quit her family’s business and went to massage therapy school. Soon there after she was introduced to some other local female musicians and formed a band called Catfight. Catfight took over!

Eventually Lisa left Catfight and joined a new emerging band called Dot Dot Dot. They went on to record numerous records, appear on a national TV show and tour full time till their breakup in 2013. Lisa’s persistence lead her to do the bookings and business management for both Catfight and Dot Dot Dot.

2013 was a year of perpetual change. Lisa had 2 major surgeries and experienced an onslaught of autoimmune symptoms that defied diagnosis. This lead Lisa to forage her own healing pathway. Concerned about sustainability, toxins, and ethical treatment of our food resources. Lisa rehabbed her yard into an organic mini-farm to propagate her own vegetable supply, took up DJing and rejoined Catfight.

Today, Lisa continues to seek new adventure in traveling the world, playing bass in Catfight, DJing and continually expanding her “mini-farm”. She rides her bike when she can. Volunteers at a local parrot rescue. And now, she seeks out her own hand-me-downs from thrift stores. Lisa dedicates a lot of time caring for her aging parents. She has become an avid researcher on natural health remedies and loves to teach and inspire others to advocate their own wellness journeys.

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