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It's Friday Friends!
I am ready for the weekend. How about you guys? My next guest is very sharp and is on a mission to help others achieve financial independence. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Zachary Juergenson. A little bit about DIY Wealth and Zach: 
DIY Wealth, in a nutshell, is about coupling deeper philosophical thought with gaining reasonable financial freedom in order to better identify for individuals what a life truly well lived is within the constructs of a capitalistic structure.
I essentially went from being in debt in my early 20's with poor money management and financial behavior patterns to amassing a net worth of $1MM by 31. I have enough passive income to essentially “retire”, or as I prefer to label it unplugging. Everything has been self education regarding building wealth and now I'm helping people by answering their questions. My mouth has zero filter and I'll joke about anything along the way to paint a humorous picture. Using your words and storytelling is a craft I love. I hold positions in the markets, cryptos and hold a real estate portfolio among other things. I officially unplugged as of SEPT 8th 2021. I hope to grow, share my message, and truly change lives as my future journeys unfold all while dishing out healthy heaps of laughter. I am absolutely committed to making people laugh, sharing my knowledge base, answering questions, and merging it with a better line of thinking in order for individuals to plug into a more enhanced way of living. To follow or reach out to Zach, head to the links below:

www. Patreon.com/ZacDIYWealth

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