1. "A Bump in the Road: My Medical Journey over Potholes, Detours, and the Bridge to Gratitude." Deanna Marie Kuempel 28:13

Happy Monday Friends!
Let's kick off the week with a very inspirational story from a young man that has overcome health difficulties and became a source of hope for his family. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Michael Caprio! A little bit from our guest: My name is Michael Caprio and I'm a 25 year old author living in Northern New Jersey. I earned my BS in Communications/Journalism at Ramapo College of New Jersey. I recently published my memoir, “A Bump in the Road” which details my health battle with a rare genetic condition called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. 
In my book I share my personal transformation from before my operations, during recovery, and life after. Along with my own personal journey I detail my families medical history with the illness. Being that it is genetic, it has been running in my family for four generations. I owe it all to the incredible care of my families surgeons throughout the years at Mount Sinai Hospital. I hope my book can shed some light on the coping tools I used to get over my circumstances.
 My families condition might be rare, but the experiences we went through were not. Life is difficult and everyone faces a few “bumps in the road”–I hope the insights in my book can help others overcome the obstacles placed in their lives. 
In my book I talk about my support group between me, my aunt, my grandma, and my mom as “The Club” since we all share the same condition. I hope this can be a space for others to feel like they aren't alone as well. To follow or support Michael, head to the links below:


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