1. A. R. Taylor PatZi 34:38

A. R. Taylor is a hoot! It’s a JOY to talk to her — she’s as funny and witty as her writing.  A while back I talked to her about Jenna Takes a Fall, which became a 2021 Readers’ Favorite Book Award Bronze Medal in Fiction: Intrigue.  Her new book is Call Me When You’re Dead. Both books a set in New York City, which is always a plus for me. And I really enjoy the Pygmalion aspect to this story.

More about the book:

Call Me When You’re Dead is a darkly comic novel about payback gone wild, gone sour, maybe even sweet. “If anything bad happens to me, I want you to get him.” That’s what Eleanor Birch’s glamorous friend Sasha Cole requests of her during a New York City dinner one hot August night. Something bad does happen, and Eleanor is forced to become another person altogether in the wilds of Manhattan, acting as her own little Pygmalion in the harsh world of advertising and its remorseless denizens. How she triumphs, and how her prey becomes first her ally and then her lover, makes her journey a tragic romp, a hilarious disaster, and even an all-out farce—but one with very serious consequences.