1. Planet Zoom Vol 5 featuring John Duffy Joshua T Berglan 'The World's Mayor' 32:51

I’m thrilled to introduce you all to an extraordinary man and an inspiring journey in the world of cinema, Mr. John Duffy. Our paths crossed during the filming of “Rebelistic,” which became the launchpad of our intriguing friendship and a cornerstone of the Dirt Merchant’s Universe.A man of abundant gratitude, Duffy’s wealth lies in his friendships and companionships. He considers himself “one of the richest people on the planet” due to these relationships, growing richer after each encounter, like his recent experience speaking at a Veterans Administration event.The shared journey leading to Dirt Merchant’s Universe was paved with exciting tales and incredible individuals, making it a unique and heartening story. A significant turning point was meeting Henry Morales, the man behind Dirt Merchants. Duffy was drawn to Morales’ memoir due to their shared roots. This chance meeting at a city gala event would soon become a pivotal collaboration in the realm of filmmaking.Although Morales lacked prior experience in the industry, Duffy recognized a potent combination of energy, passion, and compelling storytelling. Inspired to lend his expertise and experience, Duffy helped Morales’ ambitious vision take shape, turning his memoir into cinematic art. He lent his skills to production management, acting, and even assumed the role of Assistant Director when necessary, fully committed to supporting Morales’ vision.Their collaborative journey took a profound turn during the filming of “Rebelistic,” marking the inception of the Dirt Merchant’s Universe. A memorable conversation that exceeded the depth of typical on-set dialogues sparked a friendship that has since stood the test of time.Yet, the journey was far from over with “Rebelistic.” This film was just the beginning of a larger narrative universe, the Dirt Merchant’s Universe. What started as a single film venture has now burgeoned into a vast realm of storytelling and imagination, a testament to the vision and persistence of individuals like John Duffy and Henry Morales.Reflecting on this journey, it’s evident how friendship, ambition, and sheer determination can transform the seemingly daunting into achievable reality. This story serves as a constant reminder that no industry is too intimidating to venture into, a lesson I’ve learned through meeting remarkable individuals who shape the film industry, like Mr. John Duffy.Join us as we continue our exploration into the ever-expanding Dirt Merchant’s Universe and the captivating narratives it promises. Here’s to more inspiring encounters and tales as we journey further into this universe. Until our next adventure!

Joshua T Berglan aka The World's Mayor is a Voice for the Voiceless, a Media Missionary, an Award Winning Producer, Filmmaker, and Talk Show Host, #1 International Best Selling Author of the true story about his life, The Devil Inside Me. Joshua is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves and as an expert in the future of Media, he loves working with people from all walks of life, however, he is most passionate about helping those who came from a similar hell he did. In order to give back, Joshua merged his private business with his former non-profit media organization to offer "Buy 1 Give 1" on all of his services so that he can continue his mission of bringing media services, equipment, and education to inner city youth, people in recovery, the mentally "unique" and those who do not have the financial means to pay for these specialized services. Joshua is the host of multiple broadcasts, all self-hosted and distributed worldwide through print, audio, and video formats through his exclusive and first of it's service, Media Company in a Box. Joshua's broadcasts do not fit into any one category, hence having multiple "shows", however at his core, he delivers messages of truth, hope, and inspiration. Joshua's audience will hear him speak about Media, Faith, New Media, Sexuality, HIV, Mental Health, Identity, Addiction, the Occult, Relationships, Conspiracy, Jesus, Purpose and Destiny, Civil Rights Issues, and his interviews will showcase people Joshua finds interesting.