1. 106. State of the Multifamily Market: Rents, Supply, Markets & More feat. Jay Parsons Aspen Funds 52:03

In this episode of the Invest Like A Billionaire podcast, join host Ben Fraser as he welcomes Jay Parsons, the SVP, Chief Economist & Head of Industry Principals at Real Page, a leading data analytics firm specializing in rental housing. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone involved in multifamily or single-family rentals or those considering venturing into these asset classes. Jay dives deep into the complexities of the real estate market, unraveling supply and demand dynamics, rent growth deceleration, and the driving forces behind these shifts. He also explores consumer demand, the current supply crunch, and offers a forward-looking perspective on housing market trends over the next two to three years, touching on capital markets and even making a bold prediction regarding CPI. Discover which markets and asset classes are outperforming the rest, with a comprehensive breakdown that’s sure to leave you well-informed. Despite its extended duration, this power-packed interview promises invaluable insights, so be sure to tune in, and if you’re enjoying the podcast, help us share this wealth of knowledge with a broader audience.

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Ben Fraser Podcaster

Prior to Aspen, Mr. Fraser was a commercial lender at First Business Bank specializing in government backed loan originations (SBA & USDA), for one of the top SBA lenders in the nation. Prior to that he was a commercial credit underwriter for Crossfirst Bank, personally responsible for underwriting over $125MM in C&I and CRE loans across a variety of industries.

Prior to that, he worked for Tortoise Capital Advisors, a boutique asset management firm in energy infrastructure investments, and helped grow their institutional managed accounts from ~$3BN AUM to ~$7BN AUM. Ben was responsible for responding to all institutional RFPs from interested institutional investors.

Ben completed his MBA from Azusa Pacific University, and his B.S. in Finance from the University of Kansas, graduating magna cum laude.