1. How To Improve Recovery as a Runner with Ryan Hurley Ryan Hurley 34:23

#097 – We can't ignore the pivotal role of recovery in endurance training. Ryan Hurley, founder of Lagoon Sleep, gives us a peek into his recovery routine, which includes stretching, strength training, and yes, sleep. Ryan is an elite athlete who switched from swimming to endurance sports like Ironman, marathons, and Ultra Marathons.

The insights from Ryan Hurley in this podcast episode underscore the importance of sleep and recovery in reaching athletic heights.  Ready to take your training to the next level? Join us for this illuminating chat as we unravel the finer details of endurance, sleep, and recovery.

Topics Covered:

  • Hear Ryan’s journey of switching to endurance sports
  • Understand the pivotal role of recovery in endurance training
  • Learn the importance of incorporating recovery days into training plans
  • Hear how wearables can be utilized to monitor progress & performance

Today’s Guest

Ryan Hurley

Ryan is the founder of the sleep and fitness brand Lagoon.  The company's mission is to help athletes optimize their sleep to maximize their daily performance.  

Ryan's a lifelong endurance athlete, previously swimming at an elite level through high school and at the University of Virginia, where he was an All-American, 2x Olympic Trials finalist, and Silver Medalist at the World University Games.

Since then, Ryan has ventured into other endurance sports.  He's an Ironman, 3x marathon finisher and just recently ran the 50 mile ultra marathon in Leadville.  

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