1. How to gain success in your life through accountability with Andrew Weiss Andrew Weiss 29:38

#076 – Are you struggling to take that first step or stay consistent in working towards your goals? Andrew Weiss shares how he has helped others achieve success in their personal and professional lives through an innovative approach to goal-setting and accountability. 

Topics Covered:

  • Discovering the power of accountability in fast-tracking your goal attainment
  • Unleashing your inner competitor by gamifying your fitness goal setting
  • Demystifying the process of breaking down goals into manageable, achievable steps
  • Mastering the art of juggling a busy schedule while maintaining a consistent fitness routine

Today’s Guest

Andrew Weiss

Born and raised in Oregon, Andrew Weiss has always strived to find THE SOLUTION to Setting Goals and Reaching Them 10x faster.

In 2018, he discovered the concept of “Sprint Goals” by Dr. Ben Hardy and learned to pair it with proper accountability to guarantee success quickly and create LEGENDARY breakthroughs. Using his accountability system, he's broken 2 Guinness World Records as the CMO of Podfest Expo, Produced over 42 Podcast Episodes within 16 months, gotten into the best shape of his life, and reached business goals 10x faster than predicted.

Now, Andrew and his team run ACCOUNTABILITY programs geared toward helping others achieve success 10x faster as well!

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