1. How running can help support you on your healing journey with Lynce Espinoza Richard Conner 34:10

#080 – Are you tired of being told to just toughen up or get over it when facing adversity? These ineffective approaches leave you feeling helpless and alone in your struggles. Breast cancer survivor Lynce Espinoza's dedication to running changes her life as she navigates divorce, pandemic, and heartbreak, leading her to embrace the little things and become an inspiration to a robust community of runners.

Join us in this episode to discover the power of running, self-discipline, and Resilience in overcoming adversity and transforming your life. Say goodbye to the pain of feeling stuck and hello to the freedom of a new approach to personal growth and development.

Topics Covered:

  • Unlock the potential of running as a tool for managing emotional stress and increasing emotional Resilience
  • Turn life's challenges into opportunities for growth by focusing on a passion or activity that builds Resilience
  • Realize the power of self-discipline and self-love in achieving sustainable and impactful lifestyle changes
  • Delve into the relationship between mental health and physical fitness, tapping into exercise as a remedy for anxiety and depression

Today’s Guest

Lynce Espinoza

Lynce was living the life she had always envisioned for herself. Married, a mom, a career she loved and healthy, life was “perfect”.

Little did Lynce know life had much more in store for her. 2017 was the beginning of a series of life events that would forever change her view on life. It also would force her to find peace, comfort and healing in the thing she least expected, running. 

When Lynce started running she was enduring probably the hardest time in her life emotionally.  Running saved her, it forced her to be comfortable with the uncomfortable not only physically but mentally and emotionally. 

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Richard Conner, podcast host, is a marketer, entrepreneur, and runner. Richard has run numerous 5Ks and now has moved into the world of half marathons and obstacle course races.