1. Interview with Nico Verresen Anna Brook 45:38

In today’s episode, I interview Nico Verresen, who is a coach, a psychologist and former pro Muay Thai champion.

Nico Verresen is a living testament to Resilience and transformation. Once a famed professional fighter, he held numerous titles, including the five-time Belgian, European, and Vice World Champion in Muay Thai. Nico was not just a powerhouse in the ring, but also a keen scholar, earning a master’s in psychology and making contributions as a published researcher and assistant professor at the Free University of Brussels.

However, at the peak of his career, a severe eye injury threatened to strip away his identity as a world-class fighter. With a future in the top echelons of the US fighting scene and a high chance to feature in the renowned Ultimate Fighter TV show dangling before him, Nico faced a life-altering decision. Choosing to preserve his eyesight after several surgeries, he bravely stepped away from the fighting world that defined him.

But Nico’s story didn’t end there. He embarked on a journey of rediscovery, venturing into various endeavors from running a gym in a castle to soaking up enriching experiences in Bali and delving deep into personal growth with Tantric practice and Ayahuasca ceremonies. This path paved the way for his innovative venture, “Perform With Pleasure”, an executive Coaching business dedicated to helping ambitious people achieve their goals without compromising their health, relationships, or joy in life.

Now, Nico is channeling his fighting spirit into his latest creation: “The Silent Warrior Center”. This initiative is designed to empower leaders and professionals in high-pressure environments, helping them find the mental clarity and strength to excel where others might falter by doing daily “word fasts”, combined with breathwork and meditation-empowered boxing training in silence.

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