1. Interview with Dr. Christopher K. Slaton Anna Brook 48:02

In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Christopher K. Slaton who is the author of ‘Education and Science’ literature and
the founder of the Human Systems Science: the study of brain, body, and sense events to improve the sense and receive path functions of people that have been hurt by major life events in the home, school, neighborhood, and workplace networks.
Christopher K. Slaton, Ed.D., developed the Progressive Investing Institute of Focused Learning in 2000 to study child development through the application of action research, systems thinking, and human science. The applied use of action research with children and parents in crisis led to human systems research, as the study of self; other people, and the environment. The applied use of systems thinking led to human systems science, as the study of brain, body, and sense events. Hence, the applied use of human science led to the study of human, cognitive, and behavior sciences. As a practitioner of human systems science, my interest has always been focused on the study of human contact, human cognition, and human behavior.

Christopher K. Slaton has used education to become more informed about the brain and science to discipline the body as a human systems scientist with more than 25 years of studying brain, body, and sense events. Hence, learning how to inform the brain and discipline the body is a personal practice of education and science. This is why; Human Systems Science represents a fundamental change in the way brain, body, and sense events are viewed in terms of the Brain’s Body. The brain is the body. The body is not the brain. The Brain’s Body is the inner/outer sense of self in the study of sense and receive path functions; brain, body, sense events; energy, action, and feelings; and physical, emotional, and mental acts or behaviors.”

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