1. Interview with Dana Shamas Anna Brook 30:03

Today I had an opportunity to interview Dana Shamas who is Executive Health and Wellness Coach.
For the longest time, Dana used to think that her intuitive gifts made her…well…a little bit of an oddball.
It seemed like anytime she met someone—even a total stranger—she’d hear the words “wow…I’ve never told anyone that before!” For a while, she even thought that guiding people back home to themselves was her superpower.

But growing up, Dana was told she was too sensitive, too emotional, and she was better off trying to “toughen up” so Dana could make it in the real world. It wasn’t safe for her to feel the feels.

Eventually, she realized that her purpose in life wasn’t to lean into what the rest of the world was doing. Her purpose was to help other people tap into their highest selves, so they can create a deeper connection to their true worth and identity, as well as their dreams and goals, so they can impact the world.

Dana work with C-Suite executives, new people and team managers, non-profit and social impact leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and many other working professionals.

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Anna Brook empowers others to live life in the full pursuit of their dreams. Passionate about personal development and the power of the mind, she started the In Turn podcast in October of 2022 to inspire and motivate her listeners. A believer of living life on her terms, Anna has worked as a pharmacist since 2016. During this time, she developed leadership and communication skills, as well as active listening and compassion towards her patients.

In addition to her career as a pharmacist, Anna is a certified Holistic Health coach and the co-founder of Biomental®️, a nutritional supplement company based out of New York City.

Always staying solutions-oriented, creative and thinking outside of the box, Anna is determined to grow a culture of healthy, focused, and strong human beings by providing tools and support through her work. She loves to engage in deep conversations on the topics of self-help and mental health. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a book, cooking, meditating, and dancing tango.