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  1. The power of creativity: Choosing laughter, refinding your childhood dreams and knowing your value Lucy Rowell 34:30

This week I share a wonderful conversation I had with Kelly J Mendheall. Kelly describes herself as a disabled author, artist, speaker, and advocate. Kelly has been raising awareness about and fighting against medical gaslighting since 2017. When she had a sudden medical disability.

Kelly made a name for herself as a medical journalist and blogger, writing the websites BlastingNews.com, SpineNation.com, and her own blog, Nerdzilla Lives! 

In  2019, Kelly published her first book, Skin in the Game: The Stories My Tattoos Tell, receiving rave reviews. Most recently Kelly launched the #affordableartrevolution in December 2022, and this year served as keynote speaker at Disability Awareness Day in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What you’ll hear about:

  • A drive to do and know better
  • Learning to be an expert
  • Medical gaslighting
  • New perspectives on where to spend energy
  • You drown from staying in the water
  • Choosing laughter over tears
  • The power of creativity
  • Mental, physical and spiritual health
  • Refinding your childhood dreams
  • Breaking free of self doubt 
  • Knowing your value

Weekly Challenge : Dream like a kid again

Power of Music : Beautiful Disaster by 311



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Lucy Rowell Founder Impactful Authenticity

Lucy is driven by a purpose to catalyse the impact of people, teams and organisations through their individual authenticity and started in 2022 a company called Impactful Authenticity.

Having spent over 20 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry leading cross-functional and functional teams through the highs and lows of molecule and machine learning product development. Lucy has experienced first hand the opportunities that can be unlocked in your career by shedding expectations and perceptions and finding your authentic style. She has developed her own brand of authentic leadership taking numerous roles outside of the traditional data science space she grew up in.

Lucy has also worked to broaden the impact of statisticians beyond traditional roles, as Chair and Board Member for the Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI), a global community of 1500 people.

As the only person in her extended family to have completed higher education she is passionate to create and give opportunities to people on all education and career paths.