1. Bob Wolfe: The Pinot Guy now Pickleball Guy Carl Landau, Bob Wolfe 55:15

Carl gets his Sideways fix in with his interview with Bob Wolfe. In the movie, actor Paul Giamatti plays a serious Pinot fanatic. In real life, Bob Wolfe is one of the foremost Pinot Noir experts. In fact, people simply refer to Bob simply as The Pinot Guy!

There is something for everyone in this fun-filled interview, besides Pinot Noir talk. You’ll learn what it’s like to grow up in a tiny rural farming town, working on a nuclear submarine, and even what it’s like to get a 4:30am call with Donald Trump way back in the day.

Bob is totally forthcoming about finding himself at a crossroads in his life. He’s figuring out how to step away from the day-to-day of his successful wine business, while also embarking on a completely new second act as a professional pickleball instructor traveling the world.

You’re going to love this pinot to pickleball story!

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Carl Landau Author, Podcaster

Carl Landau is co-author of the new book, Pickleball for dummies. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 26 and now in (un)Retirement is founder of Pickleball Media. He has started and sold three successful media companies, published five magazines (software development, winemaking and craft brewing industries). He currently hosts the popular podcast I Used to be Somebody, inspiring 50-plus-year-olds how to build their (un)retirement good life, including, of course, a little bit about the virtues of the game he loves — pickleball.