1. Oh Great, Another Vampire Book by Diane Hunter hollischapmanshow 31:00

“It’s a book of our times — a timely exploration of the cultural divide couched in a world where vampires and humans are on the precipice of war, and oh, there’s a global pandemic, and a pretty, blond college girl turns into God after being sired by a vampire,” says Diane Hunter of her new novel, Oh Great, Another Vampire Book.

Anyone who ponders the role of God, and watches in dismay as a seemingly illogical culture war plays out in the media will enjoy this book. It’s balanced in ideology and politics, with special appearances by Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, and Joe Rogan. The tone of satirical absurdity rings true throughout this page-turner. It is not your dad’s vampire book!

Hunter, who previously published under D.A. MacQuin as an engaging sci-fi novelist and insightful essayist, has launched a new series of books that are filled with wit, irony, sarcasm, and of course, debates over every imaginable issue of the day. You know, the kind of issues that have split our nation apart as vicious culture wars don’t permit us to be united on much – other than that you will laugh while reading Hunter’s book.