1. Living the Expat Life 47:25

Brad and Josselyn Majors made the move to the Azores when they retired 3 years ago. In this episode they share with us the discussion about financial readiness to move overseas. We talk about finding everything you need, from groceries to wine to internet service and cell phone service.

Healthcare was a big topic of discussion, both access to the healthcare provided by the government and private healthcare. Finding activities that were fulfilling was important to Brad and Josselyn and they share with us what they are doing.

Contact with friends and family, both in the Azores and back home in the US was an important consideration and you will be delighted to learn how that is turning out.

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Episode Takeaways:

  1. Lifestyle on the Azores has proven to be a very healthy lifestyle
  2. Transitioning to Retirement takes time, finding your balance and meaning and fulfillment. 
  3. The socialized healthcare offered in Portugal has been excellent
  4. Many common items, like food and wine and cell phones are much less expensive than in the States
  5. Don’t wait! If you are thinking about Retirement overseas, begin exploring now. They wish they had made this move sooner. 

Thanks so much for listening.

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