1. Frank's Shadow: Battling Demons and Uncovering Family Secrets Wendy Green 50:25

Our guest for today’s episode is Doug McIntyre, a first-time novelist and a principal opinion columnist for the Southern California News Group. Doug has over 30 years of experience in television, radio, and hosting events with icons like Jane Fonda and George W. Bush.

Join us as we talk with Doug about his novel “Frank’s Shadow” and delve into the themes of identity, family secrets, and the search for purpose.


In this episode of “Hey, Boomer!”, host Wendy Green invites author Doug McIntyre to discuss his novel, “Frank’s Shadow.” The story revolves around Frank McKenna, whose life is overshadowed by the legacy of Frank Sinatra. As Frank’s son, Danny, returns home to give his father’s eulogy, he embarks on a journey to uncover his father’s hidden identity, sending him into emotional turmoil.

Wendy and Doug explore the themes of love, identity, and generational secrets, while also delving into the moral complexities of World War II.

Join the conversation as they discuss the descent into darkness, the healing power of truth, and the impact of family secrets.


  1. Uncovering generational secrets: The exploration of family secrets and the consequences of hidden past mistakes is an essential theme in “Frank’s Shadow.”
  2. Truthfulness and openness about who we are can foster deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  3. Moral complexities of history: The conversation delves into the moral ambiguities and contradictions of war.

Join host Wendy Green and guest Doug McIntyre as they unravel the tangled web of family secrets and the healing power of truth in this engaging episode of “Hey, Boomer!”

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