1. Financial fulfillment in Retirement Wendy Green 40:11

From football player to Certified Financial Planner to podcaster, Joe Allaria is passionate about educating his clients and his listeners.

He spoke to us about the 3 levels of financial Retirement.

Level one: Survival – Can I pay my bills when I retire? Typically, people that have this fear have not worked with a financial planner and are simply guessing at their financial state.

Level two: Survival plus – I can pay my bills, maybe take a trip or two, contribute to a charity of my choice.

Level three: True Retirement fulfillment – this is where you begin to think about all that is possible now that you are not working.

He answered a lot of our questions about how to approach Retirement planning, reviewing you goals and desires.

Joe shared a resource with us called:

10 Questions to ask before hiring a financial advisor. You can find it here. Financial Guides | CarsonAllaria Wealth | Glen Carbon, IL

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