1. Fear of Retirement Overcome: How Donna Friess Found Purpose and Joy in Post-Retirement Life Wendy Green 45:33

Episode Overview:

In this episode, host Wendy Green welcomes guest Donna Friess to delve into the topic of fear of Retirement and living in gratitude. Donna shares her own experience of initial apprehension about Retirement but ultimately finding purpose and joy in this new chapter of life.

Donna emphasized the importance of having a plan for your Retirement. She became a life coach for women dealing with loss. She started to write books about the history of Southern California. She became a docent at the San Juan Capistrano mission. Donna engages in volunteer work and is taking on exciting adventures. Donna’s uplifting journey serves as a reminder that Retirement is a time to appreciate life’s blessings and fulfill dreams.

Episode Takeaways:

1. Overcoming the Fear of Retirement: Donna shares her initial anxiety about Retirement and leaving behind her responsibilities as a teacher. She explains how she was able to work through her fears and embrace Retirement as a new opportunity for growth and adventure.

2. Finding Purpose and Meaning: Donna’s journey highlights the importance of discovering purpose and meaning in Retirement. She shares how she became a life coach and volunteered to support those dealing with loss, finding a renewed sense of fulfillment and joy.

3. Embracing Adventure: From hiking the Himalayas to participating in half marathons, Donna proves that age is just a number. Her inspiring stories remind us that Retirement is a time to push boundaries, step out of our comfort zones, and seek new experiences.

4. Living with Gratitude: Donna emphasizes the power of gratitude in Retirement. She shares her personal encounters with gratitude and highlights the importance of appreciating life’s blessings, even in the face of challenges.

Call to Actions:

1. Connect with Donna Friess: Visit Donna’s website, drdonnafriess.com, to explore her articles and learn more about other things she is involved with.

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