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  1. Joshua Aldus, Wealth Advisor and Navy Veteran Carter Wilcoxson and Tim James 53:49

Episode 78 – Joshua Aldus is a wealth advisor in the San Diego office of Octavia Wealth Advisors. One of his great strengths is his daily commitment to improvement across every aspect of his life. Joshua practices consistent discipline to build habits that support client achievement. This includes continuously working to improve investment and planning strategies. He makes a point of studying the economy and striving to anticipate how it may affect client situations. Joshua also believes in actively supporting the Octavia team and his entire community.

Before joining Octavia in 2020, Joshua spent two years working with Midwest Financial Partners and five years working as a master trainer in personal fitness. Previously, he completed three tours of duty in Iraq during his five-year career in the U.S. Navy.

Joshua earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management science from the University of California, San Diego. Connect with Joshua Aldus here.

On the personal side

Joshua enjoys competing in triathlons and does everything he can to build the energy to meet any physical or mental challenge. Not long ago, he ran his first marathon—barefoot on a sandy beach! It was a fantastic experience that he wanted to share with others. His vision is to organize a barefoot beach marathon in San Diego to raise money to fund a local elementary school garden and mindfulness program.

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For almost two decades, Carter has helped top advisors in the country provide safe retirement solutions and accelerate their businesses to new heights, allowing them to support a record-setting number of clients.

Working directly with households himself, who want to protect the nest eggs they’ve worked their whole lives to accumulate, this personal experience of having dinner table conversations with people has driven Carter to always be on the lookout for what clients need that the financial industry might not be offering.

In this light, he recognized a deep divide between people who had the plan to protect and enjoy their wealth in retirement and those who were not only at risk of outliving their retirement savings but also at risk of having their legacy mishandled by unprepared heirs.

This led him to seek out the best minds in the industry. Financial planners, software engineers, and strategic marketing creators to partner with for delivering what Carter calls the three E’s… Educate, Enlighten, and Empower!

Carter went on a mission to perfect a solution to solve this critical problem. Finally, Carter had a “Eureka!” moment, and he created the combination of a proven cloud-based Estate Planning software with his proprietary process and solution that he knew the world desperately needed.

Now Carter and his team devote themselves to connecting consumers with the financial professionals and education they need to make informed financial decisions about the future of their estates. This revolutionary solution, known as our eStatePlan™ Portfolio, lets people bypass the expense and intimidation of consulting a high-priced attorney using the OEPT (Outsourced Estate Planning Team) to deliver white-glove and end-to-end support to complete client’s goals and objectives around their estate and legacy planning needs.