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July 8th, 2024 Mature Content

81. Lynda Harlos – Domestic Sex Trafficking – What Everyone Needs to Know

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  1. 81. Lynda Harlos - Domestic Sex Trafficking - What Everyone Needs to Know Lisa Tickel 51:37

In this powerful episode of the Healing and Growing Hand in Hand Podcast, we welcome Lynda Harlos, a global educator in sex trafficking and abuse prevention, keynote speaker, and author of “Walk a Mile.” Lynda shares her personal journey as a mother of a sex trafficking victim, offering crucial insights into domestic sex trafficking, grooming, and prevention strategies.

Video mentioned in the episode:

About Lynda:

Lynda Harlos is a dedicated Sex Trafficking & Abuse Prevention Educator who works with parents and professionals to protect children aged 2-25. She is a keynote speaker, author, family coach, and host of a parenting talk show. Lynda collaborates with various organizations, including Victim Services across Canada, Covenant House, Boost for Kids, and Courage for Freedom. Her mission is to turn personal pain into a global purpose to prevent sex trafficking.

In This Episode:

– Introduction to Lynda: Lynda shares her background and personal story and shares more about her work in sex trafficking and abuse prevention.

– Understanding Domestic Sex Trafficking: Defining what domestic sex trafficking is and what it is not and differentiating between international and domestic trafficking. Real-life examples of domestic sex trafficking scenarios.

– Recognizing the Signs of Grooming and Trafficking: Detailed explanation of grooming and its stages as well as key indicators that someone might be a victim of trafficking. Behavioral changes and red flags to watch out for.

– Prevention Strategies and Practical Tips: How parents and caregivers can create a safe environment for their children. Practical advice on maintaining open communication with children. Learn the importance of teaching proper consent and recognizing vulnerabilities.

Key Takeaways:

– Recognize and understand the signs of grooming and trafficking.

– Utilize prevention strategies to protect children and young adults.

– Create a safe and open environment for children to discuss their concerns.

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Join us for this enlightening episode and learn how you can make a difference in preventing domestic sex trafficking.

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