1. Sustainable Caregiving with Theresa Wilbanks - Caregiver Spotlight Elizabeth Miller 55:26

Meet Theresa Wilbanks who cared for her father until his passing at 99 years of age. During that time, she experienced the raging river of emotions that comes with caring for a family member. Overwhelmed and drowning, she navigated toward a more sustainable caregiving experience. Theresa founded Sustainable Caregiving and works with fellow family caregivers to help them navigate their caregiving journey. With humor and vulnerability, Theresa shares her story and strategies in her book, Navigating the Caregiver River: A Journey to Sustainable Caregiving.

In this episode, we talk about finding peace in the caregiving journey, setting boundaries with care help, uncovering local financial resources, meditation, travel, and adjusting to life after caregiving ends.

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