1. Being a Serial Caregiver with Michele Houck - Caregiver Spotlight Elizabeth Miller 1:09:56

Michele Houck is a serial Caregiver who started her Caregiver roles at age 16 with her mother’s first breast cancer diagnosis. Over the last 5 years, she’s been the primary Caregiver for her mother, her sister, AND her father all who passed due to different cancers. Michele also has over 20 years Marketing experience for many companies in the health and wellness space. Her lessons learned as the main Caregiver for her family in addition to her professional Marketing expertise make her the perfect fit to help improve the Caregiver experience and promote a culture of care.

In this episode, we chat about reaching out for help, how Michele became an instant mom after her sister passed, the exhausting business of death and estate planning, Moving forward after repeat losses, and navigating the unwanted roadblocks life throws our way.

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