1. Happyness Journey with Dr Dan Podcast Season 1 Ep 7: TO ALL SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION FANS: Special Guest and Author: Brent Scarpo Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD 46:31

TO ALL SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION FANS: This episode is catered to all of you. As this movie has been my favorite one of all times, I had the privilege to interview the one responsible for casting the actors, extras, prisoners, guards for the movie Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. 

I learned so many new things from this movie, the location it was taped, which was a century old prison in Ohio, which now have tours if you are interested in attending.

Brent Scarpo was able to provide to all of you some major details about the movie, what made him who he is today.

One trivia question for all the fans of SR (Shawshank Redemption): What A-list actor was chosen to be Andy Duphrene for this movie? If you are curious to know, listen to this podcast. I was also shocked. My guest was Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks. What is yours?

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