1. Happiness journey with Dr Dan podcast: Season 17 Ep3: : Special Guest & behavioral analyst, creator of Mobile app Noweigh Valerie Evans. Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD 30:27

 Valerie A. Evans, Ph.D. is a licensed and board certified behavior
analyst, Educational Psychologist, and small business owner. Behavior analysis provides techniques and strategies for sustained change. It is an
individualized approach that values the person’s own experience, allowing individuals to direct change toward outcomes that minimize how the stressors of daily life are experienced.  Dr. Evans has described behavior analysis as the scientific application of optimism and herself as an optimistic realist. 


Valerie has aspired to make behavior analysis more accessible to others so that they may make sustainable change in their own lives. Her first attempt at this is a weight loss app called No Weigh. Dr. Evans has observed how weight loss programs take an accounting approach to a behavioral problem. Focusing on restriction rules and relying on willpower leads to a rigid approach to change that produces emotional and psychological distress. In addition, losing weight this way is
not sustainable. Rather than playing the numbers game, No Weigh provides an approach where users can leverage the devices of behavior analysis to lose weight without sacrificing their mental health. No Weigh users practice recognizing patterns of responding and applying simple techniques to weaken these patterns. In addition, No Weigh values greater connection and engagement with the tasks and events of daily life. It is available now on both Apple and Android. 


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