1. Happiness journey with Dr Dan podcast: Season 15 Ep 9: : Special Guest and life adversity coach Marsha VanWynsbergeh Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD 30:50

Vanwynsberghe is a Storytelling NLP Trainer, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and 2xs Podcaster.  Through her NLP tools, Coaching and certifications, Marsha teaches you how to shift from silenced to outspoken and use your voice to turn your story into a podcast, book or a business that creates massive impact.

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Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD Podcaster, Author

Author, investor, life/business/retirement coach, Psychotherapist, podcast host, marriage counselor, and so much more, all wrapped under one person. Dealing with challenges in life? I am here to help. Difficulties in relationships? I can assist. Hard to find yourself in life? That is still something i can help with. No matter what you deal with, always know there is a solution around the corner, and i will always stand in that corner. Do not hesitiate to ask.