1. Ep #203 - Everything You Need to Know About Medicare With Christian Worstell Grant Bledsoe 57:41

We are rapidly approaching the annual enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans, and if you need to enroll, it’s important that you have a thorough knowledge of Medicare before doing so. This week on the show, we are joined by Christian Worstell. Christian is an author, writer, journalist, and health insurance specialist for helpadvisor.com, where he writes and publishes content about public health systems for anyone over 65. Throughout the conversation, we dive into Medicare enrollment, eligibility, enrollment windows, the differences between parts A, B, and D, and more.

 [04.51] Medicare – Grant and Christian start the conversation by defining Medicare and it’s two sectors.

[12.39] Initial enrollment – Christian explains the initial enrollment process for Medicare and what happens if you fail to enroll during that period.

[19,35] Social Security and Medicare – Grant and Christian talk about how social security affects the automatic enrollment in Medicare.

[25.05] Advantage vs. supplemental – Christian describes the key differences between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental.

[31.50] Medigap – Grant and Christian discuss what happens when you decide to disenroll or change your Medigap plan.

[39.50] Original Medicare – Christian describes the geographical advantage you have if you choose an original Medicare plan.

[45.11] Mistakes – Christian shares some top mistakes people make when enrolling in Medicare.

[50.00] Status – Grant and Christian discuss the current status of Medicare.






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